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My name is Dennis.
Introducing: Daily Freedom Challenge Crowdfunding

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This is a simple 2x2 follow me crowdfunding plan
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You may say this is to much "pie in the sky" but whatever it is I am going to eating it.

With dedication, this should only take 30 days to complete. Our aim is that everyone earns $429,496,780 . To reach this target all you need is 2 friends who are willing to commit and take up the challenge. They too will need to invite 2 committed people. However, we are a caring community that will do everything possible to help every member succeed. (Come inside and see how we plan to accomplish this!) Everyone pays only 20 cents out of pocket which doubles daily until you reach phenomenal heights in 30 days.

Some might think that this is too simple and too easy but the truth is it is both simple and easy. If you are new to Bitcoin (we use BTC because of the large donations members will receive) We are here to help, educate. Just ask your self if it is better to have access to funds or to not have the funds you need to take care of your family and community. If the answer is you’d rather have the funds you need + extra then your choice is simple

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